I was first drawn to glass while studying music theory in Eugene, Oregon. At the time I lived in a house with several other artists and musicians, most of whom were glassblowers. Lampworking was my introduction to the world of glass arts and after much fascination, concentration, and practice, I became self taught in flame working with glass. I experimented with other techniques thereafter and found my true voice in Italy studying with the Italian Maestros and learning the secrets of one of the oldest arts in history. My motivation to the art of glass is to bring beauty and life to an environment. Glass is unique because it changes and comes alive with the introduction of light. Sunlight bounces and reflects and lamplight mellows and shines. This influences the way I imagine and design pattern, color, and shape in a piece.

I am drawn to glassblowing as a soulful and liberating expression. Through many years of learning, teaching, and creating, my personal style is constantly evolving; much like the continuous movement of the element of glass. I gain inspiration from beauty in nature, natural formations, and am motivated by the people in my life.

I have chosen glass as my life’s path and will continue to explore, create and, perhaps, invent.